“Hedley May have won the confidence of our leadership group. They are effective, discreet and professional, bringing an objective, thoughtful strategic perspective to our hiring decisions that we highly value.”

Senior Partner
Magic Circle Firm

Unsuccessful hires are extremely costly not only in financial terms but in wasted management time, reputational fall-out and the disruption to strategy.

Hedley May ‘de-risk’ critical hiring and investment decisions, by testing the business plan supporting propositions against our clients’ markets and their competitors.

We provide independent assurance on the technical ability, business development skills, management capability, career motivations and personalities of individuals and teams. We also advise on risk mitigation and recommend the most effective integration process to accelerate the impact of new hires.

Hedley May has carried out over 150 Due Diligence projects in the US, UK, Europe, CIS, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australasia.