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Hedley May is a global executive search firm dedicated
to finding exceptional talent to transform your
executive leadership teams.

From our offices in London and New York, we exclusively specialize in the most senior corporate functional roles for the world’s leading organizations.

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Hedley May’s ambition is to find outstanding leaders for the critical corporate functions that underpin the success of your organization.


Hedley May Thinking is a series of insights that tests accepted wisdom to increase understanding of the senior functional markets we service.  Our aim is to challenge the status quo, develop the talent agenda and enhance inclusion across our client base.

Big Business Defenders

With the global economy in recession as a result of Covid-19, Big Business has the crumb of comfort that unlike in past downturns, this time it is not to blame. Nevertheless, customers, governments, the media and society at large are still carefully scrutinising every action of large companies and passing judgement on whether they are doing ‘the right thing’.