A great General Counsel is not like a hamster in a cage

A great General Counsel is not like a hamster in a cage; gets up, staggers onto the wheel, runs as fast as it can until home time, staggers home to bed, only to get on the wheel again tomorrow.


Nigel Boardman, Slaughter and May talks to Nick Hedley about what makes a great General Counsel.

Nigel Boardman of Slaughter and May discusses the subject of “What Makes a Great General Counsel?” with Nick Hedley. This podcast follows an in-depth discussion at a lunch attended by some of the leading General Counsels in the UK.

A great General Counsel is not “like a hamster in a cage who gets up in the morning, unthinkingly staggers your way on to the wheel, runs as fast as you can until it’s time to go home, staggers home and goes to bed only to get on the wheel again the next morning” – Nigel Boardman, Slaughter and May.
Nigel shares his views on some of the great General Counsel with whom he has worked, and the attributes that they display.

Nigel Boardman
Slaughter and May

Nigel’s broad practice includes domestic and international corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, IPOs, demergers, private acquisitions and disposals, private equity, public takeovers, issues of compliance and corporate governance and insolvency, restructurings and investigations. He also practises as a sports lawyer.

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