Driving CHANGE
across Functional Leadership

In a challenging regulatory landscape, an outstanding Chief Auditor gives firm opinions that demonstrate true independence and a willingness to take rapid action to protect your organization.

The third line of defense relies on big data, the audit of technology and insight into individual and corporate behaviors to help mitigate risks. This complexity has contributed to a shift in the career paths open to auditors, who are now increasingly sought out by other functions for leadership roles.

Hedley May identifies auditors with this sophisticated mix of skills while also tracking diverse talent. With this in mind, we are as creative as you will allow, constantly exploring the networks of professionals, both within and outside the audit world, with the experience to make a successful transition.

What our clients say about us

“Hedley May’s assured, confident functional expertise combined with their behavioral assessment meant the candidate assessments were exceptionally accurate in identifying the candidate’s ability to do the job technically and also culturally. They added huge value to the process. The CEO and CFO are delighted with our appointment.”

HR Director, Group Functions, Multinational Energy Firm

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