What influences a successful diverse outcome?

Ultimately, a great candidate is a great candidate whether diverse or not. We focus on finding the most talented individuals in the market and the best possible fit with our clients needs.

However, our work doesn’t stop there – we help our placements integrate into their new environment, making introductions within the organization and identifying internal and external mentors who can act as coaches or be their corporate champions.

Hedley May team on our drive for Diversity & Inclusion

“Representation and inclusion do not ‘just happen’; it takes active work to change the status quo in both big and small ways. We are stronger when all of us are part of the solution.”

“It is one thing to invite a diverse candidate to the table. However, it is another to empower that individual to have a voice at that table.”

“Different ideas and perspectives challenge established thinking. This freedom to challenge is an essential driver of improvement and innovation.”