The Hedley May Walk 2.0

Dear Friends,

Every September for the last nine years our team have been trudging through the countryside on the Hedley May Challenge, raising funds for the least advantaged in our community – over 400 miles and £150,000 so far!

After an unconventional fundraising year of 2020, which saw us take on individual fundraising challenges, we are so happy to be back stretching our legs and pounding the fields, bogs and hillsides as a team once more together! 2021 saw 23 members of Hedley May keep their aching legs going in order to raise as much as we can for the Prince’s Trust Explore Programme and Making The Leap.

On Friday 24th September 2021 we embarked on the 4th leg of year six of The Hedley May Challenge 2.0 – walking from our offices in London to the great City of York.  Trudging through shoulder height weeds, slipping past unimpressed cows, and climbing a surprising number of hills – we conquered it all to reach our destination of Louth after 45 miles of blister-filled trekking across the Lincolnshire countryside.

After such a challenging past-18 months, it is clear that the most at risk are those who were already the most disadvantaged in our communities. The demand for the vital services delivered by the Explore Programme of the Prince’s Trust, as Fairbridge is now known, has dramatically increased post 2020. For the first time since inception, we will also be splitting this years’ proceeds with another special charity partner of ours dedicated to addressing social mobility amongst our young people in London; Making the Leap. Both charities mean a great deal to us at Hedley May and the demand for their vital services has increased tenfold in the last 12 months.

Our aim is to raise over £120,000 for The Prince’s Trust Explore Programme, and, for the first time, Making the Leap, in the process. We will be MATCHING every donation made!  Please sponsor us generously here:

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Thanks again for all your support, we are incredibly grateful, and your generosity keeps us walking rain or shine!

Thank you from all of us at Hedley May

The Hedley May Team