Inclusion is about Diverse Outcomes

Over 61% of our placements in the last five years have been diverse hires.


Hedley May represents clients and candidates from all backgrounds, cultures and communities. We respect difference, value diversity and believe in the critical importance of inclusion.

We help you grow and retain a diverse workforce. We will work with you, and sometimes challenge you, to run an inclusive process from defining the role at the outset through to successful integration.

What the Hedley May team says about Diversity & Inclusion

“Representation and inclusion do not just happen; it takes active work to change the status quo in both big and small ways. We are stronger when all of us are part of the solution.”

“It is one thing to invite a diverse candidate to the table. However, it is another to empower that individual to have a voice at that table.”

“Different ideas and perspectives challenge established thinking. This freedom to challenge is an essential driver of improvement and innovation.”

What do we do Differently?

We look in places others don’t.

We seek out the unusual suspects. We refuse to place any limitation on our search for world-class talent.

And we encourage our clients to do the same.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are ingrained in our shortlists, as it is our business. We are experts in discovering diverse talent who will make the world of difference to your business.


How do we Encourage our Clients?

We recognise our responsibility to encourage our clients to challenge their own thinking.

With courage and empathy, we challenge clients to consider their recruitment processes.

And together, we ensure they are not a barrier to inclusive leadership but a gateway.

We ensure they break through hidden structural obstacles, have diverse interview panels, cultivate Belonging, and go beyond a “box-ticking” approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.

This practice helps uncover unconscious biases, allows diverse talent to access opportunity and reflects back positively on a client, demonstrating their commitment to a truly inclusive future.

What Influences a Successful Diverse Outcome?

A great candidate is a great candidate – whoever they are. And behind every single placement is the drive to find the perfect fit to create real transformation. We believe the perfect fit will be found in diverse shortlists.

The Belonging Project

We launched the Belonging Project, conducting over 100 interviews globally with a diverse range of people. Our research reaffirmed our core belief: organizations that create a strong sense of Belonging are more successful – in business, employee satisfaction and longevity. Belonging is the proven cornerstone of success.


When we founded Hedley May, we made a commitment to make a positive impact on our broader communities. We focus on providing opportunity to the underserved through mentorship, internships, workshops and other career development initiatives. We are also dedicated advocates and supporters of numerous social mobility programs.

Advisory Councils

In 2021, we announced our first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory councils in the UK and the US.

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