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The CFO is critical to the success of any business, so the difference between the good and the great appointment is a matter of your competitive advantage.

Finance & Audit

Our Finance & Audit practice gives clients access to the broadest range of diverse candidate options. Since inception, the majority of our appointments have been diverse.

This outcome is important to us, alongside achieving the right cultural fit for each client organisation.

We are proud of our track record appointing finance officers who live the values associated with being a trusted lieutenant and right-hand person to the CEO, advisor to the Board and messenger to external shareholders.

In addition to appointing CFOs at group and divisional level, we specialise in the Head of Internal Audit and group head office finance leadership roles. These include Group Controller, Chief Accountant, Head of FP&A, Head of Tax, Head of Treasury and Head of Investor Relations.

Assisting clients with the navigation of these technician heavy talent pools, we identify individuals with the leadership skills to enable the business.

What our clients say about us

“The Hedley May team demonstrated an impressive knowledge and insight to the marketplace and talent pool we were interested in. Very pragmatic to work with and managed the candidate relationships very well on our behalf. Also showed a good undertanding on candidate motivations and presented a fully relevant long and short list to tight deadlines.”

Group HR Director, UK & Ireland, Multinational Consumer Firm

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